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ProCams for Interactive Surfaces

Description What if the surfaces of your immediate environment react to your actions?
Interactive surfaces is a concept of merging real and digital worlds on everyday surfaces. Many
existing works have applied body worn sensors to detect users' touch actions and projectors to
provide visual feedback on surfaces. However, several technical issues remain to be solved for
better user experiences. First, body attached sensors generally bother users, and false detections
inevitably disturb their natural interactions. Second, low image quality of projection images such
as low dynamic range, defocus and shadow decrease the quality of visual augmentations. This talk
will give several concepts and implementations of our ProCams (projector-camera systems) techniques
solving these issues. We proposed a thermography-based touch detection technique which requires no
user-worn sensors. Our shadow-based interaction technique realizes an interactive surface without
any detection processes. Our proposed multi-projector techniques provide high dynamic range
representations, and shadow- and defocus-free augmentations.
Kind of Event    Talk
Organizer 02150 Dep. of Computer Science
Date, Time Thu 13. Oct 2011, 12:00
Place/ Location CAB G 59
Person and role Prof. Daisuke Iwai
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Identification 19846