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D-MTEC Teaching Innovations Lab

Beschreibung The D-MTEC Teaching Innovations Lab has designed a 6-week sprint for the summer:
The “Online Learning and Teaching Course”

The course will run 29 June until 7 August 2020.

How can online learning elements improve a course? What can lecturers and teaching assistants do to create high student engagement? We address how to make courses "online-ready" for the Autumn Semester 2020 (online on moodle and live on zoom). There will be opportunities to discuss your very concrete teaching challenges and acute questions.

What topics will you cover?
The 6-week programme:
• Week 1: Introduction and Managing Learning Communities
• Week 2: Encouraging Student Involvement
• Week 3: Storyboarding Learning Sequences and Videos 101
• Week 4: Elements of High-Quality Syllabus
• Week 5: Setting up a User-Friendly Moodle Course
• Week 6: Assessments: Quizzing is Learning

As part of this online programme, four 60min zoom-live sessions will give us an opportunity to discuss, share and reflect together.

The dates are:

• 02.07.2020, 11:00h-12:00h Introduction and Managing Learning Communities
• 16.07.2020, 11:00h-12:00h Student Engagements and Educational Videos
• 30.07.2020, 11:00h-12:00h The Syllabus (together with OBIS and MAS Board)
• 06.08.2020, 11:00h-12:00h Conclusion and Personal Action Plan

When would you like to start?
The course will run 29 June until 7 August 2020. You’ll benefit most if you register today and learn with others. You can already register today and browse through the course resources.

What will you achieve?
By the end of the course, you’ll be able to…
 Manage an online learning community
 Draft discussion questions that spark conversations
 Storyboard an interactive learning sequence
 Improve your course syllabus
 Coordinate the pre-production of educational videos
 Implement a clean user-friendly design for your moodle course page

The workload is calculated with 2-3 hours per week.

Who is the course for?
This course if for people who will be involved in teaching at ETH in the Fall Semester, either in core courses or in electives, and open to all lecturers and teaching assistants. The programme is specifically tailored to and strongly recommended for teaching assistants of D-MTEC core courses. External lecturers are expressly invited.
There will be cross-chair collaboration and co-creation of learning elements, and as a result, you might even get a tan (Teaching Assistants Network).

Who will you learn with?
Dr Erik Jentges is the educational developer at D-MTEC. He is also the programme manager of the D-MTEC Teaching Innovations Lab.
Karin Brown is the moodle didactic lead at ETH Zurich's central unit for Educational Development and Technology (LET).
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Organisatoren 02120 Dep. Management, Technologie und Ökon.
Datum, Zeit Mo 29. Jun 2020 - Fr 7. Aug 2020
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Person und Rolle Dr. Erik Jentges
ETH Zürich
Educational Developer

Karin Brown
ETH Zürich
Curriculum and Faculty Development
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